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Tips from the Pros!

                            Constant Ball Position                           by Butch Harmon

Most recreational golfers setup with a different ball position on every shot. I like to use a constant ball position for every shot and here's why...

  •    Too many recreational golfers play their short irons way back and woods too far forward in their stance.

  •    The further you move the ball back in your stance, the more you close your shoulders and take the club inside
        while going back.

  •    The further you play the ball forward in your stance, the more open your shoulders are at address. You will lose
        some of your ability to turn when going back and you will open up that much sooner coming through.

Position the ball off a point between the center of your chest and your left shoulder. I use the Nike Swoosh logo on my shirt to help me position the ball consistently in my stance.

Let the length of the club determine how wide your stance should be. For example, you must have a narrow stance to reach the ball with a wedge. As the length of the club gets longer, the more you move only your right foot back in your stance. Keep the left foot and ball in the same position, just make your stance wider by moving your right foot back.

Constant Ball Position will help you setup to the ball in the same way every time.  Try it out and I think you'll find it will help you hit more consistent golf shots.


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